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Robert and Corinne

Singing for Pleasure is brought to you by Robert and Corinne Blass

Singing is now widely recognised as producing a whole host of benefits. It could be argued that singing should more broadly be part of every-day life as singing, through the emotional expression of one’s feelings, has the power to alter and enhance the mood of the singer.

Since ancient times singing has been considered a great healing tool it also can influence brain wave frequencies and promote well being.

It is shown that singing can lower blood pressure as well as boost the immune system and of course no one could argue with how singing with others promotes communal bonding.

So all in all there are many compelling reasons to loosen up the vocal chords and get singing!

Great news is that now you can!!

Singing for Pleasure has arrived and offers the opportunity to sing sing sing until your heart is content. There are no auditions, song sheets are provided and there is no need to be able to read music. Also all ages are very welcome.

The group will be run by Simon Gray. Simon has devoted 25 years to creating and directing music and shows throughout the UK and has specially designed this particular singing program for anyone who wants to sing just for the sheer pleasure of it!

Xxx We are happy to sing at any charity function, wedding, corporate event or meeting. Tel Robert for details. xxX